Monday, September 3, 2007

Christina Gelsone & Seth Bloom

Seth Bloom is the creator and main instigator of Full Bloom Theatre; co-founder, co-director, and a performer for Split Knuckle Theatre; and the International Artistic Director for the Mobile Mini Circus for Children, headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Seth brings to his expertise his education at the London International School of Performing Arts (MFA); the Dell Arte School of Physical Theatre (Certificate); Wesleyan University (BA); the Ringling Brothers Clown College (BFA--bachelor of fun arts).

Christina Gelsone As a non-verbal clown and street performer, Christina has performed in festivals in Singapore, Albania, Scotland, Japan, Holland, France, Venezuela, Portugal, and Greece. A former member of Bond Street Theater, she has performed extensively in areas of post-conflict, including Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, and Afghanistan.

The pictures above were taken in May, 2007 in Liuzhou, China. I first met Christina on a corporate gig here in NYC; we did interactive entertainment together, and a few weeks later we met again on a cruise ship where we were both performing. I had heard many great things about Seth, but I didn't meet him until about a year ago before getting to know him better during the China trip.

Learn about Seth and Christina by visiting their websites: (not their website, but you'll see them there)

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