Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm back!

After more than a month away (traveling, performing, around the country, around the world) I'm back to fill the blog with new videos and inspiration.

One of the first jobs I had upon returning from China was to do a Commedia workshop for a high-school drama class up in Connecticut. They are performing the Goldoni Servant of Two Masters, and wanted an intensive character, styles, skills and primarily "ENERGY" workshop.

The kids were very talented and dedicated, even though I don't remember needing coffee that badly when I was 15...

I contrast them to my last class before the China trip; a day at NYU. My last time at NYU was tremendous. Didn't quite live up this year. Certainly, my own energy was off, but I was still present enough to get some games going and some lazzi running on their's hard to get much happening in an isolated 3-hour block. I do as much as I can, but I'm always a little disappointed in myself as a teacher when I don't get 'magic' results every time.

Having to break down the characters, rhythms, and lazzi to their basic elements when introducing these concepts to teens is always a tremendous learning experience for me. I love how every group is different, how they have different strengths, weaknesses, needs and physical vernaculars. My own understanding of all of these concepts deepens exponentially with every class I teach.

I absolutely LOVE it, and I just wish I could do it more regularly. I have tremendous faith in Commedia training as a foundation for stage actors...and I know if you're reading this here, I'm preaching to the choir.

Thanks for being here, thanks for listening, and if you're reading, let me know.


michael rock said...

i just read this.

symmimex said...

I read whatever you post on your blog and find much profit in doing so. Thanks for taking the time to do this - it is a good thing that makes life better.

Garth Zoller said...

I'm reading your blog!

To your point on needing coffee at 15... In Whole Foods the other day, a 10 year old behind me in line came *every day* before school and had "a regular!" Let's sing the "I have an addiction" song... :-)