Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mask Makers

Two talented artists from Los Angeles deserve mention today:

Allysa Ravenwood can be found at both and

I have been aware of Ms. Ravenwood for some time, and it is a tremendous pleasure to watch from afar as her work develops and evolves.

John Apicella can be found here:

I just found Mr. Apicella's website this morning, and it seems that what excites him excites me as well.

I'm so happy that there are kindred spirits out there, finding their own niche in this big, wonderful world of Commedia dell'Arte.

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Esteban S said...


You may want to visit this link, too:

I suspect that Iriarte´s approach to commedia dell´arte´s conventions may not be all that orthodox, but looking at his masks that doesn´t seem like a bad thing at all.